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Selling your art online, and in person, has never been easier. There’s no longer any reason for an artist to starve, pay their dues, or suffer for their art.

If you’re ready to learn some new skills that will open your art up to a global marketplace, you’re in the right place!

Hi, I’m Paula Telizyn, an artist, author and art business mentor with a mission to empower and educate artists so that people who are called to live creatively can do so while thriving.

Since 2019, I have taught hundreds of artists to embrace their worth and step up into their chosen field. You could be next!

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Marketing 101

Let’s get going with defining your target market, ideal client and more. If you’ve never sold your art online, or if your sales are sluggish, this is where to start.

Selling on Social Media

Ready to tap into the world’s biggest art market but don’t know where to begin?

Email Marketing

You need a newsletter. Learn how to set one up, get subscribers and what to put in your newsletter to turn subscribers into buyers.

How to make your solo show, or art pop up, a success

Steps you need to take inorder to get people in the door, make more sales and turn a profit.

30 days to social media marketing success

Everything you need to post, sent to you daily for 30 days.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Website

What an artist’s website needs, so that you can turn visitors into fans, subscribers and customers.

Work with me

1x One Hour Session

Recorded, 1 to 1 coaching, make exactly for you.

7 Days, Get It Done, Coaching

When you have a deadline to meet and need a hand prioritising, and accountability.

Ambitious Audience Accelorator

Three months of weekly coaching, plus email access to me, because you don’t have time to faff about.

Artist Rep

Ready to hand the reigns over so you can focus on what you do best?

My Books

Affirmations for Artists

Affirmations for Creative Flow

Affirmations for Writers