Oh hey!

I could write the usual, “Paula is an author, artist and business mentor living and working in London Ontario,” but really what does that tell you? Nothing of interest.

I am terrible at imitating accents.

I’ve been told I am the most dramatic person around, bar none.

I swear so much that I accidentally taught my students new words and new ways to use old ones.

When I picked up my violin to play it, after taking a few years off, my house was invaded by Oompa Loompas who both stole the violin and refused to sing about it.

I do happen to have a gift for capturing souls in my paintings. Moments of deep love and serious connection are immortalised with a few swipes of my brushes.

I also do the same with words, writing books designed to help seekers make small, but cumulative changes which ultimately transform their lives dramatically. Writing poetry that invokes deeper thought. And coming soon, irreverent fiction for various age groups.