Affirmations for Creative Flow

Are you a creative person struggling with your creativity?
Are you questioning your value as a creator?
Are you suffering from creative block?

This book of affirmations was made just for you!

See, I’ve been there, done that. As a writer and visual artist, I know all too well the traps our brains set for us. The negative self talk. The putting everything ahead of our creativity. The sabotage that happens when success appears. It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you have the calling to be creative in any capacity, but are struggling with your mindset, then you need this book. Our minds are the very foundations for the success we build. Creating a strong foundation is critical in your creative journey.

This book gives you:

  • 50 affirmations designed to re-align you with your goals
  • 50 lined pages to write your responses and feelings out
  • a place to be your most true self, no matter who your are inside
  • a fabulous item to burn (safely) or keep, that will kick start you back on your creative path

It’s not something a lot of creatives talk about, the daily struggles that can happen. And how they can turn into weeks, months or even years. What if there was a way to interrupt that vortex of doom and bring you back into your creative state of being?

Hint… it’s this book.

And this isn’t a heavy lifting, as thick as a phone book (remember those?) reads which requires all your effort to get through. No way! Just do a page a day and in less than 2 months, if you do the work, you’ll be more creative than ever. How cool is that?

The deets:

  • 6″x9″ for easy carrying and hiding
  • more than 100 pages to kickstart you back on your path or keep you there
  • glossy cover because the shine matters

Affirmations for Creative Flow