Artist Blast Off! Accelerator Programme

Are you an artist with big dreams?

Do you absolutely love being an artist?

Are you ready to get your art in front of the right buyers, people who are still spending money on art even now, but don’t quite know how?

You now know, more than ever, that you need to get your art business not only online but in front of a wider audience if you want to succeed.

Did you know that there are global FANS who are DYING to buy your work but don’t always see every time you post?

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media seeing some artists selling out their collections as soon as they’ve shared them? What have they got that you don’t?
Your art is good. People say they love it, but the sales aren’t flowing in the way you think they should be.
You find yourself in awe of the number of followers they have. And you’re even more gobsmacked when you see real engagement. It’s very clear that their art is being sold hand over fist.

Want to know the secret to selling your art in 2022?

You need a multi-pronged approach: PR, in-person shows, and social media selling.
When your potential collectors see you in the media, see you doing shows and see how others praise and desire your art, they will buy from you without hesitation.
Even in today’s economy, people are still buying art! The trick is to sell to those people who have the income to buy it. To show them that your art has value and will hold its value.

Sounds complicated?

It’s really not. But it can take away from the time you have in the studio to actually make your art. And an artist who isn’t actively making, can go stagnant quickly.
This is where I come in.

Hi, I'm Paula Telizyn

And I’m on a mission to help artists sell more art so that they can earn more money and focus on the thing they love doing the most.
I’m an artist with a successful career that was interrupted by an injury in 2019.
For the three years following, I pivoted to help other artists just like me, sell their art.
After a brief sabbatical, I’m back, ready to help you create the business and success you’ve been dreaming of!

Okay, let's do a reality check

You want to be a successful artist and are willing to embrace your power to make it happen
You're willing and ready to be in the public eye, being interviewed on podcasts and for magazine and newspaper articles
You have a consistent body of work and you've already sold more than one piece

The Artist Blast Off! Accelerator Programme is

an online mentoring and done-for-you programme which has been designed to super-charge your art business and get you the publicity and eyes on your work that you deserve.


If you want to:

Have support for your business in a private mentoring group
Have your art pitched to the media and galleries or shows for you
Create an income you can count on from your art

Then the Artist Blast Off! Accelerator Programme is for you


Instant access to a private Facebook group with other artists just like you who are ready to make it big
Weekly group coaching and ask me anything so that you get the answers you need perfect for your business right now
ONE custom made pitch which will be used to get media attention locally and globally
ONE custom made tear sheet or one sheet, which will be used to pitch galleries, shows and can be used for your own promo purposes
TEN submissions to the media, galleries per month done by me for you
Minimum commitment of SIX months required in order to see results. Optional renewal once the term is up

NO spaces left. Thank you for your interest.

Please join my email list (bottom of the page) to be notified when the programme opens again.

Artist Blast Off!

Accelerator Programme
$ 1999
one time payment
  • Private Members Group
  • Weekly coaching
  • ONE custom done-for-you custom pitch
  • ONE done-for-you tear sheet
  • TEN done-for-you submissions to the media, podcasts, galleries
best value

Artist Blast Off!

Accelerator Programme
$ 399
6 MONTHLY payments
  • Private Members Group
  • Weekly coaching
  • ONE custom done-for-you custom pitch
  • ONE done-for-you tear sheet
  • TEN done-for-you submissions to the media, podcasts, galleries
Payment is in Canadian dollars.

While the actual amounts will differ depending on the banks, the conversion is approximately $1560 USD, 1500€ or £1200 if you pay in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this programme different?

This is a support and done-for-you programme so you can grow your art business fast. It’s more than just commissioning someone to pitch for you. It’s more than just a mindset group.

So is this a class that I have to plan on attending?

No. It’s a weekly, one hour (give or take) group coaching to help you run your business. You can attend live, which is ideal, or watch on replay. The rest of the pitching I take care of for you.

I want you to have the freedom to make more art as I help you get more visibility for your business.

I've already got a press pitch, do I really need this?

You are absolutely welcome to do it yourself! The thing is, though, that it’s far easier to stay motivated and get things done with help. Running a business is hard enough without having to do it alone.

What the heck is a one sheet or tear sheet?

It’s a one page PDF file with a brief bio and examples of your art. It’s an easy to digest intro to who you are and what you do.

How will you know who to pitch? What if I don't want to work with gallieries?

When you sign up, we’ll have a Zoom meeting where you can tell me what you want. I’ll research opportunities specifically for you based on this meeting. If you only want galleries then I’ll focus there. If you want a mix, I’ll do that.

You get 10 pitches or submissions done by me per month and I’ll let you know who and where I’ve submitted you to.

Do I really have to commit for 6 months?

Yes. One month of pitching won’t make a difference, or much of one. It’s cumulative and you will see results over time. You can stay in the programme as long as you want but six months is the required minimum.

When you pay, you are agreeing to this condition.

Do I need a website for this?

You should have a website that isn’t just an Etsy or other kind of out of the box shop. If you need a website made, check out my other business Zynfinity Design for options.

I haven't made much art, will you still work with me?

You should have a body of work of at least 10-15 pieces that are consistent, saleable and professional quality. If you’re not there yet, make some more art and reach out to me when you’re ready.

Are you going to tell us how to manage our social media or which platform to use?

No. This is not a class with training about social media but if you have questions, or need information, I’ll happily provide it.

What currency do you charge in?

I’m in Canada so I charge in Canadian dollars. You can get a sense of how much this programme will be by going here

What is your refund policy?

Since all of my programmes and coaching is digital, there are no refunds whatsoever. If you’re paying by the month, you will be charged for 6 months or the remaining amount due if you choose to cancel early.

Subscriptions to Artist Blast Off! Acceleration Programme are 6 months long with an option to renew month to month. When you sign up, you are committing to 6 monthly payments whether you use the service or not. All payments are non refundable.