5 things I would never do as a professional artist

On TikTok, there’s a trend of professionals getting up and saying the 5 things they wouldn’t do because of their profession. I realise, of course, that there are five things I would never do as a professional artist. . Let’s dig in, ok? . Sell my art cheaply or at a discount. This is one […]

Should your art be affordable?

I recently saw a post by an artist who wanted to sell her paintings, really gorgeous work, and she was asking if people thought £25 was too much. That’s about $28 USD or $36 CAD. For an original painting!!! . Her reasoning was that art can be so expensive and she thought that everyone should […]

The biggest issue in any art business

Last week I was ill with pneumonia which hit me on Friday and shut me down until the antibiotics kicked in. . I spent a lot of time in bed thinking because I had no strength to do anything else and it occurred to me that the biggest issue in any art business isn’t cash […]

Myths about art pricing you need to know

Pricing art can be one of the most frustrating parts of selling art. There are no hard and fast rules around it and it can feel arbitrary. . It’s not arbitrary though and it’s important to understand how pricing art works in order to price your own art so that it sells. . Number one […]

How much do you want it?

Fear is a real and present danger in any art business. It shows up daily with its insidious hooks and terrible self talk. . You’re not good enough…. it hisses. . Everyone is better than you… it whispers. . Who do you think you are…. it demands. . And more. I know. So much more. […]

Art not selling? There are fixes for that

If your art hasn’t been selling recently, or selling as much as you need it to, it’s easy to blame the economy. Easy, but doing that won’t help you move your art. People are still buying art right now. Just like they’re buying other things that aren’t for their immediate survival. Just because some groups […]

You cannot do it all and you don’t have to

When you decided to become a professional artist, maybe you didn’t realise how much extra stuff artists need to do. Making your art, sure, that’s obvious, but there’s so much more like marketing, selling, archiving, shipping, networking, pr, and on and on. That doesn’t even include business planning, accounting and cash flow. Uhhhhhhh yeah. It’s […]