My Books

Most of my books are available directly from Amazon worldwide. Simply go to your local Amazon and type in my last name “Telizyn”. 

Writing is thinking. This is a quote I read online somewhere, source long lost, but it’s accurate. Writing is also leaving a mark. It’s connecting me to you and you to me. It’s the most human thing we can do.

Here are my books.

Fast Track Your Midlife Crisis

A Guide to Help You Create a Happier and More Fulfilling Life

Have you ever looked around at your life and wondered if this is all there was? The dreams that used to light you up, somehow were lost along the way. The plans, great big huge, terrifying plans, discarded for the 9-5. Tonight, you’re going home to heat up frozen chicken for your sullen teenage children who won’t eat the vegetables and bicker loudly enough that you find yourself reaching for the wine again and it’s only 6 pm.

What happened to the vibrant, creative dreamer you used to be? Now your Saturday night is filled with shitty made for TV movies and cheap vodka because quantity over quality, am I right?

Life is not supposed to be a series of disappointments, surrendering your dreams because it’s the thing everyone else does. I call BULLSHIT on that! This book is all about finding yourself again through a series of simple steps and exercises. Changing your perception and perspective. Finding your voice and shouting HELL YES! when life comes calling at your door wearing a slinky dress and a sultry attitude, with lipstick just this shade of too red and you are completely here for that.

Stepping into your courage wearing the Docs you still hung onto though the 90s are long past and your emo phase is a closely guarded secret. Deciding that you too deserve to travel now, create art now, do the things NOW that make your insides quiver and you breath come quicker.

Wave Upon the Sand

A book of poems about life, love and meaning

Wave Upon the Sand is a book of poems exploring life, love and meaning. Each poem has been written to jump start a thought, changing the way you interact with the world around you.

This book of poems came out of the pandemic. My response to the stress and uncertainty was to create, and create, and create.

The one thing I held onto was the idea that humanity goes on. Life finds a way. And throughout it all, love will persevere.

I hope each poem sparks a thought or response in you. An opportunity for deeper contemplation. And maybe even a sense of connection to me, an individual, and humanity as a whole.

If not, you can use the book for wrapping fish, lighting fires or fending off robbers.

Sell MORE Art

Top tips for artists for social media success

If you want people to buy your art online, you have to act like a business. You have to know your target market and understand how they think.

You need to post your art in a way that is clear, offered up for sale, and is easy to buy.

YOU need to be clear on your value as a person, and as an artist. When you feel good about yourself, it shows! You will post about your work with confidence.

YOU need to clean up your social media sites so that they become selling machines for your art. No more inspiration posts, or worse, political ones! Your sales posts need to be super clear. No more wishy-washy, ask me for the price type posts. You need to show that you are an artist to collect, your work is for sale and buying from you is exactly what your audience should be doing.

SOUNDS COMPLICATED? It’s really not. The Sell MORE Art Book is a 5 step program that will help you market and sell your art online, worldwide… FAST.

Co-Authored with Leigh Shenton.

Wake the F*ck Up!

The original and my very first book.

Written as my life imploded and then exploded, using exercises and thoughts that helped me get through and create a new and better life.

Originally published in 2019, with forward written by Martin Stellar. I was going to pull this version since it’s been updated and renamed to Fast Track Your Midlife Crisis, but it’s a classic for so many people. Pick this one, or the new version, both will do the job for you.