breathe is a very different book; it’s not full of words, beyond a handful. Instead, it is designed to be used as a visual tool for moments of anxiety.

Anxiety is like an unwelcome visitor who comes over supposedly just for a moment and then ends up staying far too long, leaving crumbs in the butter and the refrigerator door open.

It can make us hate ourselves, believing that everyone is judging and stop us from living our full lives. It comes hand in hand with the desire to self isolate, making every venture out a great effort, if it happens at all.

This book does not cure anxiety, but it has been designed to help you focus using colour. From intense bright colours, reflecting strong emotions, down to calm greys.

Breathe in and hold as you flip through the pages, releasing your breath completely as the colours calm down. Feel your lungs fill completely, experience them deflate to empty. Focus on the colours in front of you, reminding yourself that what you see around you is a critical touch point in bringing yourself back to a more neutral state.

With 80 full colour pages, breathe has been made to help you regain your focus away from your anxiety and slow down your breathing until you feel more like yourself again.

Breathe in when instructed, flip through the pages noting the colour and colour changes, then breathe out until you reach the grey pages. Fill your lungs completely and exhale completely in the process.

One of the five methods of grounding yourself is “what do you see?”. Holding this book in your hands, you can use that tool very effectively. What do you see? Reds, oranges and yellows all going from loud and vibrant until they reach calm and soothing grey tones.

What you get:
– 80 pages in full colour
– 4 breathing exercises, one in red, two in orange and one in yellow
– a reminder poem at the end to bring you hope